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100% NZ owned and manufactured

The ultimate hassle free sustainable solution for dispensing sanitiser, soap and sunscreen

At SureShotz we are passionate about looking after people and our planet. Locally owned and operated, SureShotz was founded in response to the rapidly growing need for a more reliable, user friendly and sustainable way to effectively dispense hand sanitisers. Existing solutions were high touch, unhygienic, produced large volumes of plastic waste and required frequent servicing and replenishment. SureShotz dispensers are here to change all that.

With extensive experience across multiple sectors including waste management, the food industry and government, the team has leveraged 40+ years of expertise in design, machining, fabrication, maintenance and repair to develop the SureShotz Dispensers. 100% designed and built in New Zealand to ISO 9001 quality standards, SureShotz Dispensers are capable of delivering a range of fluids to suit your staff and customers' needs.


Why do SureShotz Dispensers look so good and work so well?

Each SureShotz Dispenser is made of high-grade polished stainless steel (easy to clean and very, very durable!). Currently they come in one stunning colour, silver, and inside each shinny dispenser is a clever collection of locally manufactured custom components designed for reliable high volume use and low maintenance operation.

How do SureShotz Dispensers work?

Each press of the mechanical foot pedal at the base of the unit dispenses a measured shot of fluid e.g. 1 millilitre for sanitiser (no batteries required!). With a total capacity of 14 litres per dispenser, that’s 14,000 shotz!!!

Where can the SureShotz Dispensers be installed?

The SureShotz Dispensers can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Each dispenser takes up a small area and is designed to be fixed to the floor for safety and security. If fixing to the floor isn't an option, then a stainless steel chain and fixing eye is also available.

When can I order a SureShotz Dispenser?

Now! We have dispensers ready and waiting to be leased. Just use the contact information below to tell us how many you need and for how long, and we'll get back you with everything you need to sign up.


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  • Gorgeous polished stainless steel (silver!) design

  • Foot pedal operated 

  • Designed for high volume indoor or outdoor use

  • Minimal space requirement

  • Large volume tank 14,000 “shotz”

  • Company branding options

  • Larger multi-station models available

  • 100% fat free ;-)


  • Protect your staff, customers and community

  • Reduce plastic waste

  • Enhance user experience

  • Lower cost

  • Less hassle and increased availability


  • Sanitiser - Alcohol free COVID-19 approved and Alcohol (70%)

  • Soap

  • Sunscreen


  • Short or long term leases with complete managed service included

  • Monthly usage reports provided

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